Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reinduction Triggers are the Greatest

One of my favourite things to do with hypnosis, and which seems to be one of the easiest post-hypnotic suggestions for hypnotees to pull off, is the reinduction trigger. That’s a word, phrase or gesture that causes the trance partner to go from a state of being completely awake and not hypnotized at all, immediately back into a trance. Why I think it’s so easy is that most people’s minds really enjoy the feeling of being in trance, and if the mind knows the way to get there, it’s more than happy to go back (as long as it’s safe to do so, which I also explicitly say when I give the trigger suggestion). It saves time, and it’s also just a massive power trip to create that effect in someone: to watch their eyes close and their head and body slump all in a moment.

This is a lot of power to have over someone, potentially for the long term, and I feel very lucky that a few people have trusted me enough to give me that power. I think it helps that I am deeply not a sneaky person - I would be very bad at being sneaky even if I wanted to be - and I care about people’s mental autonomy. There’s plenty of out-of-trance negotiation that happens before I give the trigger suggestion, to make sure they’re genuinely ok with it, and I also ask for permission within the trance, as Wiseguy suggests (this is of course not the real permission). I’m sure these both help the trigger to be more effective. Besides the physical safety suggestion, I have suggested that it only works “as long as there’s a trusting relationship between us.” I just realized I haven’t always been consistent about that part, because from what I’ve read I’m pretty sure that’s how it works anyway (also I forgot), but it’s probably a good idea.

I get permission each time before I use a reinduction trigger, which some people would say makes it less fun, but is necessary for my ethics and respect for the other person. However I have an exception: I can ask my hypnotee, “Would it be ok with you if I playfully used your reinduction trigger from time to time this evening?” This still requires checking in occasionally, but it allows for that silly/mean/dominant playing with my partner’s state of consciousness that we might both enjoy a lot. There’s the potential for more blanket permission in a long-term D/s hypnotic relationship, but I haven’t gotten into that territory yet.

Once that's been figured out, the fun begins. I’ve only been hypnotizing people in real life for a short period of time, but I’ve already gotten to see some amazing and arousing effects of reinduction triggers on my hypnotees:
  • Falling into trance in the middle of a sentence.
  • Going from sitting up on the bed to falling back limp on the pillow.
  • Me holding up an index card with her reinduction trigger written on it in sharpie and her head immediately slumping, without my having suggested that the written form would be effective.
  • Requested to resist the reinduction trigger (which she really wasn’t keen on doing!) and apparently winning for a little while, holding her eyes very wide, and then falling down into trance. I really didn’t know how this one would go, and if she had succeeded I would have been happy too, since it would be an additional layer of safety. I know for a fact that reinduction triggers are not so irresistible for every hypnotee, especially on their first few times experiencing it.
  • Me accidentally mentioning the trigger phrase while talking about the trigger phrase, and her going down, to my surprise. Rookie mistake! But cool!
  • Going into trance on a bench in a graveyard.
  • Going into trance on a bench beside the Charles River at dusk.
  • Using a reinduction trigger during sex, and having her go limp with her legs over my shoulders, and me still thrusting into her. I’m not into the fantasy of fucking an unresponsive person (though there’s nothing wrong with that fantasy) but she really got off on the feeling of helplessness, and I loved the fact that it still had a strong effect when her mind was well occupied.
  • Counting someone out of trance during a hypnotic blowjob. At which point the blowjob got about 1000% better. That’s not using a reinduction trigger, but it’s a nice mirror image of the previous occasion!
(please note that in particular the last two were discussed and agreed upon ahead of time. In fact I believe they were her idea.)

Now something I can share about making reinduction triggers effective. I recently had the opportunity to do my first hypnosis demo, as a last minute replacement (for someone with an electro machine!). So I didn’t have much prep time. But I wasn’t nervous because it was with my wonderfully talented hypnosis partner Cassi (not her real name or handle). We had a chance to do some planning and pre-negotiation off in a corner as the party was just getting started, and a chance to revisit her reinduction trigger. I had given her the trigger at a previous party in private, and we had a lot of fun with it - Cassi was the one who tried and failed to resist the trigger. However, when we tried it again only three days later, at the NEHG Hypnosis Study Group, it had no effect. Cassi was so disappointed! It was adorable. But we decided to leave it for the time being.

Now it was nearly a month later, but I told her I had a powerful hunch that I could make that trigger work again. I told her to get into a relaxed position on the couch and take a few deep breaths, just as before any induction. Then I started telling her to remember how good it feels to be hypnotized. Then I told her to remember a time when that trigger had been powerfully effective, thinking back to that party. Perhaps the time when you tried and failed to resist it. Her eyelids were already doing some serious flickering at this point. The last thing I did was to mention that when touch is added, triggers are much more powerful (I think this is probably true, but I said as though I knew it for a fact!) Then I put my hand heavily on her shoulder and gave her the trigger phrase in a commanding voice. She went right down, and got to a very good depth as I rocked her and kept up the flow of deepening suggestions. I was thrilled, and so was Cassi when she came back up!

It was neat because I don’t think the other partygoers knew that I put Cassi into three successive trances in the living room while they were chatting in the kitchen. When the demo began, I was very confident the trigger would work, and having her go into a trance instantly on my command made a dramatic introduction to hypnosis for the people watching! Reinduction triggers are just the greatest.

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