Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hypnosis Scene Preflight Checklist

Here is the preflight checklist I am currently trying to use before each hypnosis session. I have it on my phone, so I can actually check it. As of my most recent Christmas travel, where I forgot one of the few things I absolutely couldn't do without,  I'm convinced of the need for written checklists rather than trying to keep it in your head.

* How do you feel now?
* What is your timeframe?
* Bathroom trips
* Cellphones turned off
* Two glasses of water

It was important to me to keep it very short and very relevant. Here's a checklist for the first time working with a new person:

* Phobias
* Allergies
* Language to avoid [real example: someone who did not like the word "relax"]
* Physical problems

More questions for an experienced hypnotee:
* Do you feel confident you can bring yourself out of trance if something is bothering you?
* What you don't like and like in hypnosis.
* What kind of aftercare do you need?

Finally, a checklist for the end of the session that I plan to start using:

* Suggestion of remembering everything from the trance.
* Cancel all suggestions.
* Give an opportunity for feedback, particularly about things that rubbed them the wrong way.
* Allowing time and supervision to come back to reality.

Again, keeping it simple and short with an eye to using it, though I may find more things to add over time. You will notice that there's almost nothing relating to negotiation, which is always a part of a hypnosis scene, even when quick and mostly implicit between longtime partners. That's because I think checklists are not very helpful for negotiation, which I will be writing about in a future entry.

Edited to add: I should have said that this is a bare bones checklist for the situations I most often find myself in. Which is trancing with people who I know at least a bit socially already - so for example, I already know their pronoun preferences, and have a good idea about what kinds of casual touch are ok. (I'm thinking of whether there's going to be a sexual aspect to the trance to be part of negotiation, a separate thing) You can check out this much more complete checklist for ideas for one that might apply to broader situations. And you should read this too while you're at it, 10 Hypnosis Safety Suggestions Everyone Should Use.

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